I am looking for fun, engaging and self-motivated students to work with me. If you are interested in working with me, send an email to me at with your CV and a brief description of your previous research experiences & current research interests.

Research Interests

As an HCI researcher, I design, build, and evaluate ubiquitous computing technologies that can promote positive changes towards everyday health, well-being, and environmental sustainability.

Application areas: Chronic healthcare, Everyday health and wellbeing, Healthy aging, Citizen science, Technology empowerment, Environmental sustainability, Environmental protection, Community wellbeing

Recent publications

  1. Kim, S., Gajos,K.Z., Muller, M., Grosz, B.J. (2016). Acceptance of Mobile Technology by Older Adults: A Preliminary Study. MobileHCI
  2. Kim, S., Iravantchi, Y., Gajos, K.Z., Grosz, B.J. (2016) SwellFit: a Wearable Sensor for Patients with Congestive Heart Failure., WISH
  3. Kim, S., Mankoff, J., & Paulos, E. (2015). Exploring Barriers to the Adoption of Mobile Technologies for Volunteer Data Collection Campaigns. CHI

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