Sunyoung Kim

Research Interests

As an HCI researcher, I design, build, and evaluate ubiquitous computing technologies that can promote positive changes towards everyday health, well-being, and environmental sustainability.

Application areas: Chronic healthcare, Everyday health and wellbeing, Healthy aging, Citizen science, Technology empowerment, Environmental sustainability, Environmental protection, Community wellbeing


I am looking for engaging and self-motivated students to work with me. If you are interested in working with me, send an email to me at with your CV and a brief description of your previous research experiences & current research interests.

news & Updates

Recent publications

  1. Kim, S., Stanton, K., Park, Y., & Thomas, S. (2022). “A Mobile App for Children With Asthma to Monitor Indoor Air Quality (AirBuddy): Development and Usability Study,” JMIR Formative Research. 6(5): e37118
  2. Kim, S. Kim, S., Yao, W., & Du, X. (2022). “Exploring older adults' adoption and use of a tablet computer during COVID-19: Longitudinal qualitative study,” JMIR Aging. 5(1): e32957
  3. Kim, S. Kim, S., & Sohanchyk, G. (2022). “Exploring Children's Engagement in Monitoring Indoor Air Quality: Longitudinal Study,” JMIR Formative Research6(1): e32404
  4. Kim, S. Kim, S., Park, Y., & Ackerman, M.K. (2021). “Designing an Indoor Air Quality Monitoring App for Asthma Management in Children: User-Centered Design Approach,” JMIR Formative Research (5)9: e27447.